The Vision Begins

In 2002, what is now Vision Life Now Consulting, LLC, was founded on the principle of doing business with excellence, specializing in consulting in the areas of human resources, training and development, career development; and corporate and faith-based event management. Aligned with the same visionary spirit, multiple strategic partners, and a passion for developing positive, progressive relationships, Vision Life Now Consulting provides Executive Coaching, Consulting, and resources to MOTIVATE, EMPOWER, ENHANCE and ELEVATE large and small corporations, faith- based organizations, and the lives of individuals. We provide expertise which assists our clients in separating themselves from the competition through Transitioning services, and Growth & Retention strategies. We serve our clients and partners by helping them move to the next level in the form of: Motivational Speaking; Life Coaching, Human Resources Management; and Diversity and Inclusion strategies. Additional expertise includes: Talent Management; Branding; Professional & Educational Development; and Diversity Event Management & Consultation.


Our mission is to provide superior Executive Coaching and Consulting which help individuals and organizations move beyond their inadequacies, by refocusing on solutions which align with their vision, therefore having the ability to commit to the proper action steps. To foster a spirit of diversity and inclusion among out clients, whereas knowledge and wisdom can be gained and sustained through Motivational Speaking; Life Coaching; Human Resources Management; and Professional Development and Empowerment, for the purpose of the clients overall growth and confidence.


Excellence as a world leader in motivation encouragement, and diversity, in transitioning individuals and businesses to be change agents and visionary leaders.

Core Values

Diversity and Inclusion
Visionary Leadership
Positive and Progressive