Dexter A. Coleman – Speaker

Motivational and Public Speaking for Vision Life Now Consulting, LLC is about creating change within the audiences in which we deliver our message, and becoming visionary leaders. We will tailor a message to compliment the goals of the conference, workshop, seminars, corporate or faith based events in which we are honored to be invited. Regardless of the message, the attendees will begin to self reflect and look beyond themselves for their ultimate success. Success requires one planting a seed in someone else that will grow and flourish. Our goal is to plant a seed in you to think BIG. Think BIG in the things you desire for your life, identify the necessary resources to elevate your success, now think BIGGER! Our empowering message “Ready, Set, Now” is designed for young and mature alike, and focuses on accountability and taking action steps…NOW. We offer flexibility in presenting a wide range of topics which will inspire your employees or members; increase productivity; retention and growth of your employees or members; performance management, and more. Complete your request for a speaker by clicking Request a Speaker, for a cost-effective, efficient way to inspire and motivate employees, students, sporting teams (professional to middle school), association members, or any group which can no longer afford to operate at status quo, or they just want to continue the momentum. Contact us today at with questions. We are here to motivate, inspire, educate, and encourage the attendees or participants of your event. Our “Spirit of Excellence” (SE) presenters are available to be your Keynote Speaker or presenter, to add value to the event of choice. We have a wide range of expertise which will impact a variety of events including:

  • Corporate or Community events
  • Human Resources Conferences or related events
  • Faith-based or Christian related conferences or events
  • Diversity conferences, expos, workshops, etc.
  • Sports: Professional, College, High School, Middle School teams
  • College or High School graduations or special events
  • Youth or Young Adult activities
  • Men’s Conferences, Expos, or Retreats
  • Women’s Conferences, Expos, or Retreats
  • Professional Associations
  • Fraternity or Sorority Conferences, meeting or special events

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