Networking is about building relationships, and is vital for your transition for the short-term and long term. The quality of the relationships you focus on, will add value to your life, or bring about toxic circumstances. In order to build your personal brand, or your business brand, you must become connected to positive and progressive, professional resources, that are aligned with your purpose and vision. VLN is a huge advocate of networking, and diversity and inclusion, and have combined the two, to form the 20/20 DiversityNET. 20/20 DNET is a multi-cultural networking group that fosters a positive spirit of inclusiveness and the building up of individuals through professional and personal development. Within this networking unit, you will learn the “Art of Networking” in order to be more effective

The 20/20 DiversityNET has established individual and business memberships. Student memberships are also available. Unlike many business networking opportunities, 20/20 DNET is the networking group that associations, professional groups, chambers of commerce, and non-profits will join to increase their exposure. With multiple cultures being represented, as well as professionals and companies from various industries and sectors; growth, leadership, knowledge, wisdom, and strategic partnership development will definitely be priorities. The group will host and/or partner on formal meeting, teleconferences, workshops, seminars, business expos, career fairs, and more. Some of the advantages of membership include:

  • Building relationships across diversity lines
  • Exposure to career and business opportunities
  • Discounts on 20/20 DNA or Vision Life Now Consulting related events
  • Wisdom from professional speakers, entrepreneurs, and more
  • Learn about professional associations which could impact your life
  • Identify industry specific conferences and meetings which could increase your knowledge

To learn more about individual, business and student memberships, contact us today at , or call 469-744.4705