Dexter A. Coleman, MBA, MM/HRM

Dexter A. Coleman, Sr. Executive Coach/ Consultant, is a visionary motivational speaker, life coach, and Principal of Vision Life Now Consulting, LLC,  specializing in Executive Coaching; Human Resources Management; Transition Consulting (including career development, education development); Talent Management; Diversity & Inclusion (and diversity event management); and Corporate and Faith – based Leadership Development.  Dexter uniquely combines 20 plus years of expertise in human resources, management, marketing, and career development, and higher education expertise, with his gift of encouragement, to move individuals and groups to new levels of success, professionally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Dexter has an established education and multi-facet leadership background. His education includes degrees of Master’s of Business Administration (M.B.A.); Master’s of Management- Human Resources Management; and a Bachelor’s of Business Administration- Marketing. He is also a Certified Life Coach. His leadership, knowledge and experience is quite diverse, including entrepreneurship, coaching, consulting, corporate management; business development and sales; project management and event planning; ministry leadership. His leadership extends to the community as an Advisory and Counsel Board member for the Dallas County HUD Approved Family Self- Sufficiency; in the political community as a State Delegate, Precinct Chair, and an Election Judge; and in his local community as a member of the Board of Directors – HOA. Dexter has been an active member and leader at St John Baptist Church, Grand Prairie/ Southlake, TX for over 18 years.

Dexter has built his career around networking for empowerment, which has lead to the creation of the Vision Life Now 20/20 Diversity Networking Group. He is a member of the Dallas Human Resources Management Association, part of networking groups, Professional Motivational Speakers Forum and National Speakers Association- North Texas; was previously active with the Dallas/ Fort Worth Minority Business Development Council.

He has completed Advance Corporate Management training, and various ministry leadership training. Dexter is also a long time member of Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. He has spoken publicly to adults, young adults, and youth, to motivate and encourage them for greater success. He has produced multiple diversity related events.