20/20 DiversityNET

Transitioning resources are what separate those transitioning from the competition. Transitioning is the specialty area where we provide consultation to organizations with employees or associates, members, or students who are transitioning in their life or career, and require resources which will impact them at the point of their need. We combine coaching with these efforts to specifically identify the resources that are relevant for the participant to overcome change or a crisis.

20/20 DiversityNET is that solutions provider for the next step in your career or business.

Whether employees will be downsized, laid off, or terminated, our transition consultation will help keep the former employee focused on the immediate task at hand, the job search. The commitment to the process not only builds your brand, but reduces the chances of legal action against your company. Our transition program also includes an orientation process, which prepares new employees, new members of groups and associations, and new students to stay encourage, reducing turnover. The key components to transitioning include but not limited to:

  • Networking
  • Career Development
  • Education Development
  • Faith-base/ Inspiration
  • Career Now/ Job Posting

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